Small town lady working on big dreams

Raised in Wickenburg, fashion blogger and stylist Taylor Tomczyk is chasing her dream of becoming a fashion designer in the big city, but she will always be grateful for the adventures, love and support this small town gave her.


“I have experienced a sense of love and community in this quaint town,” said Tomczyk, a 2015 Wickenburg High School graduate. “They say it takes a village to raise a child; Wickenburg, thank you for being my village. Without you I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.”

Tomczyk has had a love for fashion for as long as she can remember. Fashion and beauty were instilled in her at a young age, with the influence of her parents who have an eye for all things beautiful and artistic. She has kept a sketchbook since the age of 7, and had plans to send her designs to Nordstrom, as she was certain they would hire her right away. She may not be a top designer yet, but she is well on her way.


“My father, Rick Tomczyk, built our home with his own two hands and curated a beautiful place to grow in,” said Tomczyk. “As a little girl, I would gaze upon my mother, as she would curl her blonde locks and apply her Mary Kay makeup each morning. After her beauty routine, she would dance into her closet trying on outfit after outfit finding the perfect look for the day.”


Tomczyk didn’t plan on becoming a blogger, but she found a passion for words and the emotion and message they can present.


“Writing is an outlet for me; it makes me feel ultimate freedom,” said Tomczyk. “I was inspired to make a blog with the encouragement of my extremely talented photographer boyfriend, Chad Mooney.”


She originally started her blog,, as a hobby and creative outlet, but her first few posts gained so much support, the blog took off and became her world. The goal for her blog is to inspire others and encourage them to be themselves, whether that is instilling confidence or teaching others tips and tricks for looking their best.


“I want to inspire people to dress however they want,” said Tomczyk. “Whether that means cowboy boots and Levis, or stilettos and mini skirts. You can be whoever you want to be. Don’t let anyone stop you from being your true self.”


Aside from planning photo shoots, writing for her blog and building her own fashion empire, Tomczyk is working as a full time stylist for the iconic Belgian-American designer Diane Von Furstenberg.


“Being a stylist is so rewarding,” said Tomczyk. “I get to transform a woman’s wardrobe and bestow confidence in her.”


She is currently a part of the new fashion program at Arizona State University, and couldn’t be happier. In the future, Tomczyk’s ultimate goal is to have her own line of clothing in New York City or Los Angeles.


“I believe that if you love what you do, there is no way you won’t be successful,” said Tomczyk. “And you can do anything you want in this world. Never forget that.”


Tomczyk’s personal blog can be found at

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